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Our Story

Hello, I’m Katie and I live on a little farm in western New York with my husband and our beautiful crazy daughter, Adaline. We love the country life and strive to create a loving, healthy and God centered home for our daughter. We love our animals and enjoying caring for them together as a family! Currently our farm is home to about 60 chickens of all different breeds, 11 peacocks, a dozen or more quails, a few very rambunctious guineas, a bunny, three pups, Tansy the kitty, and hopefully an alpaca soon! Our little farm was established in 2015 when we purchased our very first chicken, named Mable and the rest is history!


What started off as just a hobby and a way to help friends with special events, quickly turned into a desired craze! With my passion of making art with food and my love for entertaining, Mable Roads was born. Our desire was to create edible masterpieces that would transform the mundane and outdated world of catering into the highlight of any event. This is perfect for cocktail parties, weddings, kid parties, birthdays, corporate functions, baby showers, holiday parties, engagement parties, you name it! Let us turn your party into an Instagram-worthy celebration!

Mable Roads family photo.jpg
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